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Our review on Hotbit comprises four parts - general information, features, Pros and Cons, Trading on Hotbit, and the conclusion. Through these four parts, we will try to tell you more about Hotbit which might help in answering your questions.


General Information

Hotbit exchange is a cryptocurrency trading exchange that was found in the year 2018. And was registered in Estonia and Hong Kong. The domicile country of the exchange is still unclear while some speculate by the company owning the exchange is called Shanghai Gametree Information Technology Co.Ltd, so the exchange is from China. The Hotbit website is existing in 5 different languages including English. It basically deals with cryptocurrencies and digital assets and provides near about 500 different cryptocurrencies.


It provides multicurrency support along with high liquidity. It was revealed that they serve the crypto sphere in near about 327 active markets and trading pair, both fiat – to- crypto and crypto- to – crypto conversions. Hotbit does not accept deposits or withdrawal in fiat currencies.

It is easy to access the platform as the exchange provides a web-based platform that is accessible from any device at any time. As per their website, it announces its partnership with The Blockchainer, My Token, Hashquark, and Wandarin. As of now, It does not provide an affiliated program to give bonuses and rewards for bringing new customers to the platform. But It states that it is planning to soon to have an affiliation program.



  • This global exchange has a large number of users Hotbit is able to attract near about 1.5 Million users.

  • Hotbit Exchange offers over 156 pairs for trading and for trading it provides a secure, stable, and reliable platform. The digital coin may be traded against USDT, BTC, ETH, HTB, EOS, ATOM, and BHD. It keeps on updating the list by adding new coins to give a competitive edge in the market for experienced crypto traders.

  • It offers the distribution of currency daily deposit it is of great interest among the users in this industry. This feature does not require to freeze the user's assets which makes trading quite convenient.

  • Hotbit has a web-based platform and besides providing a well-designed desktop platform it also provides Mobile APP for android and IOS users for trading through mobile, which makes it easier for users.

  • Hotbit has a high liquidity rate liquidity is very important for all the exchanges, this is something which makes it one of the best highest trading volume exchange in the world. It has a constant increase in the trading volume which is quite an impressive feature.

  • Hotbit’s trading fees The exchange charges the takers with 0.2% of the order value, but if you are the maker in a trade you will be get paid for every trade. The trading fees for the maker are 0.05% which you get after making a trade. The trading fees can reduce or you will get a discount if you are using HTB i.e if you are having Hotbit token.

  • This exchange currently permits only 22 different cryptocurrencies it does not charge any fees for deposits for token.

  • Hotbit provides a high level of security to its users it provides a multi-level firewall system to keep a check on the data, a Cold wallet storage solution to protect customer funds, and last but not the least it gives 2FA 2 Factor Authentication security to protect all its users and maintain a secure trading atmosphere for the users. The front end and the back- end designs with multi-node and multi-layer allocates and provides better services.


Is Trading Easy or How User-Friendly is the Hotbit Trading Interface's View?

Yes, trading in Hotbit is quite easy. There is no requirement of filling the personal details or KYC details. We just need to follow few simple steps.

Visit the Hotbit’s website then register and verify the email, deposit the bitcoin, and then start trading. It does not offer a demo account for trading without a deposit. The user will have to deposit funds into the exchange for trading.


When you first enter the website the first thing we notice is well-laid interphase which makes it easier for the beginners to understand, It provides a chart trading view that gives a clear and intuitive site for smooth functioning. Hotbit website helps the users to utilize the advanced trading tool & Indicators for better profits and to minimize the risks. In the exchange tab, there are 7 markets which include BTC, ETH, USDT, EOS, ATOM, BHD, and HTB markets. It has nearly 250 currencies that can be traded with BTC. It also provides the user to add some extra indicator to the Candlestick graph. Directly above the graph, there is information about the prices. The users can place, limit order, or take ones from the order book. Most of the currencies on Hotbit exchange are traded against BTC and ETH.   


All website views normally have in common is the order book, the price chart of the selected cryptocurrency, and order history. Different websites have different trading views but the trading view in Hotbit is one of the best. It becomes very important for the users to first have a look at the trading view for finding out the right option.


The Conclusion

To conclude our review on Hotbit we begin by saying that Hotbit crypto exchange is a good option to go with, especially if you want to trade with a wide variety of altcoins, plus it is easy to verify yourself as well. The exchange offers a large number of trading pairs and It gives 24*7 hours customer support which is quite satisfying. Hotbit has shown escalated liquidity over the period of time, which is very impressive and so, it brings it among the best in the industry.


As mentioned in our review it provides good security to the users by providing 2 Factor Authentication, a multi-layer firewall, and a cold wallet to make it more reliable and secure. It also offers a very intuitive view of the website and gives a clear picture and a better understanding of the website. As mentioned in our review we have a well-designed platform for desktop and mobile apps which make it easily accessible.   

So, based on our review on Hotbit crypto exchange we can say that it is definitely a very good option for trading as it is also being used by large number of users all around the world.

  • It has many supported trading pair

  • It has wide Functionality

  • It has 2-factor authentications for log-in and withdraws, and a multi-level firewall system for better security.

  • It has an intuitive user interface and has a mobile App for better accessibility of the account.

  • It has high withdrawal fees as compared to the others.

  • It offers a steady platform and quick transaction.

  • No KYC required to start trading. 

  • It has slow customer support as compared to others.

  • Some finds that Hobit withdrawal fees is bit high.

Is HotBit a Safe Option?

Considering HotBit quite new and still so popular with no threats so far attacking the platform, we do find it safe to use for crypto trading.

HotBit compared with other exchanges


  • Trading fees range between  0.2% to 0.4%

  • Offer margin trading to traders and multiple payment methods.

  • Huobi exchange is available in more than 130 countries


  • Wider selection of altcoins and digital assets over 600 in number

  • It offers rewards for making trades: 0.05% as makers' fee

  • It caters to over 1 billion dollars trade volume every day


  • It charges the lowest trading fees of 0.1% 

  • The exchange has support from more than 190 countries

  • Users get higher discounts when trading using BNB tokens


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